Civil War Reenacting

The Barbour Greys are based out of Philippi, West Virginia. We portray a militia company, The Barbour Greys, that was mustered in Philippi in early 1861. Later, the company became part of the 31st Virgina Regiment as Company H.

Although we are based in Philippi, we also have members from northern West Virginia and Pennsylvania and Virginia. We attend events all over the state of West Virginia and a a few events outside the state.

About the Barbour Greys

We are a family-oriented reenacting group that takes pride in our behavior both on and off the battlefield.  We portray both soldiers and civilians in our camps and women are welcome to camp at nearly all of our events. Membership is open to men and their families.

If we sound like a group you might be interested in joining, check out our membership page or scan through our bylaws.

The best way to find out more is to show up at an event. You can check our schedule to find an event close to you that you can meet us at. If it's a larger event with several companies, you can just ask them where the 31st is. If they don't know they can normally help you find someone who does.

You could also come to one of our meetings, or just contact one of our members for more information. Or, e-mail us at recruiting@31va.com!