Becoming a Member

To become a member you first have to submit an application and then attend three events within a one-year period. We recommend that you attend an event before you submit your application, to get a feel for it. It can be an expensive hobby, especially when you first start, and there is no sense in spending much money on something that isn't really your thing. (Of course, there's always a market for second-hand items.) After you have attended three trial events, there will be an election at the next meeting to decide whether or not to accept your application.

Getting your Gear

We certainly don't expect new members to come fully equipped and collectively have nearly enough extras to completely outfit you. This way you can decide if you like it before heavily investing in the hobby. One of the first things we recommend purchasing is a uniform. You can also make your uniform if you are so inclined, several of our lady members can point you in the right direction as to the type of material and acceptable (and understandable) patterns.

Beyond a uniform, you will need leathers, a gun and a tent. These should be bought in whatever order is more important to you and your pocketbook. Then there will be all sorts of other accessories and sundry items you'll find yourself wanting or needing. If you're brand new to this, you're probably wandering, Where can I get all of these things? Well, there are plenty of businesses that cater to civil war reenactors, most of which are called sutlers or sutlerys. Some are also called mercantiles, but they all sell period-authentic items. Watch out though, most sutlers also carry nonauthentic items that they sell to the general public at events. These items would not pass muster for use reenacting.

For some more information, check out the equipment section of the reenacting page.

Once You're a Member

As a member, you should attend at least two events a year. You can check our schedule, or just know that most of our events are in the summer and fall. We also have a few events early in the year that are typically School of the Soldier type events. Also early in the year is the Hurricane event, which is a men-only event. (Sorry-no ladies allowed)

Meetings are generally held once a month, either at a member's house or at an event. Attendance is suggested but not required.

Our annual dues are $15 for individuals or $25 for families. Additionally, starting in 2008 there is a $XX fee for powder for each rifle-carrying member. A large portion of our funding comes from events that donate to our organization as a thanks for appearing, and as such attending these events is highly encouraged.