Driving Directions

From the North and West

  1. Take I-79 south to exit 99, Buckhannon/Weston
  2. Turn RIGHT at end of ramp and head EAST on US-33 for ~30mi
  3. Turn right onto CR-151 west for ~1mi
  4. Turn right onto CR-53 Coalton-Pumpkintown Road for ~5mi
  5. Turn left (there's an odd stand of trees left at the intersection) onto CR-37, Flies Creek Road, for ~3mi
  6. Continue straight onto Rich Mountain Road

From Beverly

  1. From 219/250 (Main Street) turn onto Rich Mountain Road
  2. Continue on Rich Mountain Road
  3. Continue up the hill on Rich Mountain Road
  4. No, you're not at the top yet. Keep going.
  5. Continue on Rich Mountain Road to the top of the mountain
  6. Continue down the mountain on Rich Mountain Road
  7. You filled up the gas tank before you left, right?
  8. Almost there, continure on Rich Mountain Road
  9. Now you are at the Rich Mountain Battlefield

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