Okay, I've got the pages laid out and most of the recruitment section done. Not bad for one weekend. The photos section is fast becoming too complicated, as is the members section. I've got two forums up for testing, just contact me if you want to try them out, I'll let you in. With any luck, I'll have a separate members section and a photo gallery up by summer. In the meanwhile, I'm going to try to fill out the pages already online and add some more content, like some images maybe? The only ones I've got are the validation tags at the bottom that I'm using to check my work. You can too if you want, see if I made any mistakes in the coding.

Wow, it's been a while but I'm finally getting back to this. The layout is a little bit different, and much simpler, but I'm coding this manually and more focused on getting the content up this time. Stay tuned for more details.
3/17/2008 7:25 P.M.

This site is currently under construction, sorry for any inconvenience. As more pages are designed and layed out they will be posted, so keep checking back. In the mean time, if you need any information or have any questions, complaints, or suggestions, contact webmaster@31va.com

1/20/2007 8:55 P.M.